Friday, September 26, 2014

BLAST FROM THE PAST - WEEK 4 - Running Back Changes

Everyone who has played fantasy football for a few years, knows how quickly the league changes. Players picked 1st overall become bums overnight, while 6th round rookies lead the league in rushing.  No position is more susceptible to changes than the running back position, which is why finding solid RBs is so difficult.  If you find a workhorse who produces for a full season or two, you're usually in a great position to win your league.

Fantasy Football Evil Empire took a look at the top 25 running backs from week 4, 2013, and found an interesting discovery. Of those top 25, 15 of them have had a major change compared to last year, either changing teams, getting demoted, being injured, or just struggling. As the graphic below depicts, any Sunday can be a life changer for running backs in the NFL. Dynasty league owners, when planning your 2015 and beyond, expect a ton of change from year to year as there are no guarantees in the NFL.

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