Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Three Keys to Dynasty Success

Build Around Elite Talent
Talent is the anchor of any Dynasty team. Situation can be important short term, but if you base your strategy on it year-over-year, the end result usually means trouble. When analyzing your draft, trades, and waivers, be sure to take into account talent first, because as the talented rise, NFL coaches know how place those players into the best situations. But as situations change, talent is king, and only injuries and time will be of concern for those who have the talent.

Take the time to look at your team in multiple windows. I look at current year, 3 years, and 5 years. I like to identify the weaknesses in my dynasty squad and balance my strengths with an eye on the future. Be sure to be honest with yourself about the talent of your roster and your talent as GM. A good example is if you have three studs in the same position all at the same age. Unless they're all 22 years old, you can trade one of those studs for youth and depth and be relevant after your studs start to retire.

Track Other Owner Tendencies (TOOT)
Just like in Poker. If you know someone's tell, you can take advantage. Keep a ledger of what the other players in your league like to do. Does this owner love the big name star? Does that GM like to trade veterans for picks? Which owners tend to offer more in trades than others? Who is always on the waiver wire?  All important information to track throughout the years to know when to cut a deal or when to ask for more.

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