Thursday, March 13, 2014

TOP 10 Players Changing Teams - Fantasy Football Impact

Now that we've experienced the first few days of Free Agency, it's time to find out what impact some of the moves will make on fantasy football this year, and in the future. Below are 10 men who have changed teams and how it may change things for 2014 and/or beyond.

Eric Decker- The former Golden Gopher has been moved from a record breaking offense, to the worst passing offense in the league. Unless the Jets make a huge splash at the QB position (i.e. Vick), this move will definitely hurt Decker’s production. Look for him to drop down to 70 receptions for 600-800 yards and 7 TDs. 

Golden Tate- The newly minted Super Bowl champion can now be considered a strong fantasy football weapon. Lining up opposite of Megatron, and working with a pass happy QB like Stafford, Golden will see improved stats in all categories for years.  He is an excellent fit for the Detroit offense which should be top 10 in the league. Expect 75-80 catches for 900 yards and 8 TDs in 2014.

Donald Brown– The six year veteran was able to turn his late season surge with Indianapolis into a three year, $10.5 million dollar contract. Unfortunately, he joins a crowded backfield with Mathews and Woodhead already entrenched in their roles.  It is likely that Mathews will get dinged up, making Brown viable at that point, but until then, all this signing does is make Mathews, Woodhead and Brown less likely to produce big numbers. Expect 400 yards and 4 TDs from Brown unless injuries occur.

Darren Sproles– The 30 year old speedster has gone from one great situation to another. Chip Kelly’s offense is built around versatile players like Sproles and will bode well for Phili for the next few years. Expect 800-1000 combined yards and around 6 TDs next year from Sproles and expect Nick Foles to be a top 10 QB for the foreseeable future.

Jairus Byrd- The Saints were able to move Sproles and cut Lance more and make room for the 2009 2nd round pick. Byrd is a nice addition to a much improved Saints Defense. Playing next to last year’s #1 pick will create a solid defensive backfield for New Orleans. However, in terms of fantasy football value, the move doesn’t change much for either player.  Byrd will produce 70-80 total tackles and 4-5 TOs and Vaccaro will land around 100 total tackles and a few INTs/Fumble recoveries.

Darrelle Revis- The former Pitt alum will undoubtedly make the Patriots defense better, being able to be left on an island and be able to contain almost anyone, however QBs know not to throw to his side, leaving his fantasy numbers a bit lower than others. His maximum upside is likely 50 tackles, 4-5 INTs and maybe a TD or two.

Michael Johnson- The 6’7”, 270 LBS, DE has all the skills to be a double digit sacks star. Tampa Bay will likely need him to play a vital role in their defense and playing right defensive end is where he wants to be.  Overall he is expected to be an impact, likely hitting 10-12 sacks and 50-60 total tackles.

Alterraun Verner- The 25 year old CB, who also signed with Tampa Bay, will be asked to start, and produce immediately. In Lovie Smith’s defense, he could flourish, giving his fantasy value a slight boost in forced fumbles and interceptions. Expect 50-60 tackles, 15 passes defensed, and a handful of turnovers produced.

DeMarcus Ware– The 10 year Cowboy is taking his talents to another big D, aka Denver. With his freakish talent, and Von Miller on the other side, Ware may be in a prime position to get back into the 15-16 sack range as he has been for much of his career.  If he can stay healthy, and the Broncos build leads like in the past two years, there’s no doubt he has a minimum of 12 sacks, 15 tackles for loss, 3-5 forced fumbles on top of 30-40 tackles.

Karlos Dansby– The Stats machine that is Karlos Dansby has moved to the great lakes. The 100+ tackle a year machine has been consistent for a decade and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  He takes over for D’Qwell Jackson and will perform admirably in the role. Expect 120 tackles, and a handful of turnovers created by him in Cleveland.

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