Friday, March 7, 2014

An Introduction to Fantasy Football Evil Empire

Welcome to the Fantasy Football Evil Empire 

You have entered a universe of 24/7/365 fantasy football news, analysis, and banter. The mission of the Fantasy Football Evil Empire blog is to award our readers with in-depth, up-to-date, valuable information needed to dominate their fantasy football leagues, with full redraft coverage as well as an emphasis on under served league types such as Dynasty and IDP.

As all of us have experienced, most fantasy football websites stop adding content during the Fantasy Football / NFL offseason. It stinks! So, since general managers in the NFL work during the offseason to be the best, so should we. Therefore, Fantasy Football Evil Empire strives to be an all year long source of fantasy football coverage. We will offer owners the data and analysis required attain a competitive advantage, rise to the top of their league, dominate year after year, thus creating an empire!

We hope you enjoy following Fantasy Football Evil Empire and use the information we provide. If you do, we know you'll enjoy to benefits of your work in December, when you're collecting the accolades and the $$$$! 

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