Sunday, March 9, 2014

5 Impact Rookie IDP Prospects

IDP rookie drafts start soon, and you need to know who will be the mega-contributors coming out in 2014. Here are 5 big names that will have an impact on fantasy football in 2014.

1) Jadeveon Clowney DE- We've known for years that Clowney is a physical freak who could have played for in the NFL immediately out of HS. The question now is if he has the drive to be great!  The crazy thing about it is, even if he doesn't take initiative to be great, he has the talent to tally 10+ sacks. However, if he decides to work hard, and he gets drafted by the right franchise, his potential is limitless. His physical gifts come around once in 10 years, and his understanding of the game is as good as it gets.

2) C.J. Mosley ILB- Mosley has three down instincts that will make him a great LB in the NFL. He can cover, he can play downhill, and he can tackle in any scheme. He's got everything you need to be a tackle machine and a big play threat for years to come. He's also a winner, which is important to sustaining a long career in the NFL.

3) Jimmie Ward SS- This guy is a ball hawk. He comes from a small school, Northern Illinois, but has the instincts, and the track record, to make a difference in the NFL. He is also projecting to be a second round pick, which makes him a nice under the radar player in your 2014 rookie draft.

4) Yawin Smallwood ILB- Also and under the radar name, Smallwood is an athlete, with a 6-2, 246 lbs frame, who can play with anyone. He does have a tendency to take the bait on play-action, but his physical gifts have been able to make up for those mistakes in college. With the right coaching, and NFL lifting program, he could turn into a nightmare for opposing OCs.

5) Kony Ealy DE- At Missouri, he was overshadowed by Michael Sam, but that will not stop him from being a first round pick in this year's upcoming draft. He has excellent instincts, good moves, and great timing which will help him in the NFL. Overall, he'll be a productive addition to any NFL front seven.

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